Ryan Beauchamp,

Joel R Born in Pasadena, Ryan Beauchamp grew up in La Cañada, where he was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 5. He credits Muralism for his improved confidence and ever improving art skills. He continues his education at Valley College where he is earning an AA degree. He aspires to one day make the world a better place for other people who are on the autism spectrum.

Xander Nini,

name Alexander has been a Muralism Crew Member for the last 3 years. He enjoys learning “on-the-job” skills and communicating in group settings. Alexander loves beautifying his community. It gives him great pride to see all the murals that he has been a part of around his own community of Valley Village. He is currently working towards a degree in Emerging Media at Cal Sate University Northridge (CSUN).

Annie Leffe,

Joel R Born in Malibu, CA. Annie has been interested in the arts since she was a wee thing. Annie draws primarily with pencil on paper and likes to anthropomorphize animals. She attended Exceptional Minds Academy, a visual effects and animation studio for young adults on the autism spectrum. Annie enjoys creating musical mash-ups for YouTube working part-time as an artist for Muralism, painting murals around the Greater Los Angeles area.

Tiana Fazio,

name Tiana Fazio is both a digital and traditional oil on canvas artist born and raised in Malibu, CA. Tiana creates backgrounds for vintage animation production cells using Adobe Photoshop. She graduated from Exceptional Minds, a visual effects and animation studio for young adults on the autism spectrum. Tiana has been a Muralism artist for 3 years and has painted on over 20 murals.

Lloyd Hackl,

name Lloyd Hackl is both a pencil and digital artist living in the Sherman Oaks area. He was diagnosed with autism at a young age. In 2013, after graduating from the Exceptional Minds educational program, he was hired to work for their studio as a freelance visual effects artist. His passion and talent in all visual arts has enabled him to grow, feel fulfilled and overcome many challenges. Joining Muralism gave him the opportunity to feel part of the community, boost his self-esteem, and provide him with immeasurable pride.

Tristin Mun,

name Tristin is a Korean American artist with ASD, who is studying MediaArt in visual effects and film production as a college student. He likes to make and edit videos and puts them on YouTube for fun. He enjoys paint murals with Muralism and taken drawing classes along with oil painting classes while attending a local community college. He has worked with his hands while taking ceramics classes, raised funds selling his ceramics arts, and donated to the local church for the special needs group. Overall he is talented with his hands and hopes to pursue his dreams in the arts.

Thaddeus Stauder,

name Diagnosed with Autism at an early age, Thaddeus has overcome many obstacles to become a proficient 2D Animator. Thad has been a part of the Muralism Project from the beginning. He is the key speaker at Muralism events, sharing his experience of the wonderful projects that have been created throughout Southern California. Come out to one of our ribbon cuttings and get to know him.

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