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Muralism is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to beautifying the city of Los Angeles, while providing work experience to adults with special needs. Murals are designed by a local muralist, a paint by number style drawing is prepared by a team of artists, which include adults with special needs. Then the community joins and fills in the color. The Muralism team comes back in the end to detail and clean up the mural for a professional finish!

  1. Inclusion.
    • Employ people with social, physical and/or mental challenges as artists.
    • Teach the artists to build good work habits, social skills, and confidence.
    • Transform awareness of adults with special needs by connecting them to the community.
  2. Art for the community by the community.
    • Invite the community to paint with us.
    • Make the art, promote the art and inspire others.
    • Paint 100 murals before the 2028 Olympics.
  3. Feature local professional muralist to work with the artist.
    • Invite guest muralist.
    • Include featured artists' work as part of our larger projects.
    • Create online touring maps of local murals

Mailing Address:

4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd #104
Valley Village,
CA 91607

phone(818) 538-4770 instagram@muralism_org
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